How to find Crum Samsung with LEFT-RIGHT-OK-CANCEL

Crum is the serial number of toner chip, it is contained in the IC chip. Normally Crum has 11 digits.
There are three methods to check Crum

Method 1: Printing Supplier Reports

1. Turn on the printer and wait until it is in the Ready state

2. Then quickly press buttons in this order: “MENU” _ “BACK” _ “LEFT” _”RIGHT” _ “OK” _”CANCEL”
3. After this on display will appear “TECH MENU”

4. Next choose “REPORT SUPPLIER” and press “OK”

5. Now printer should print “Supplier Report”

Method 2: Web Access

– This method is only used for network printer(Wifi, Network…)
– Login Web Access printer by IP Address with user/pass: admin/sec00000, see tab “Supplies” to find Crum.
– How to find Crum with video instruction:

– Download program to find IP Address Samsung Printer: Cain & Abel

Step 1. Turn printer on and waiting it is ready for work.

Step 2: Connect printer to network by RJ45 port or Wifi.

Step 3: Open browser(IE, firefox, chrome…) and type IP Adress of printer and find out Supplies tab, you will see Crum of printer.

– This method is described in the below picture :

Method 3: Reading Crum From Toner Chip

– This method is often used when the printer can not print the supplier report file. Therefore we need to use the device to read data from toner chip.

– Some devices read data from printer’s toner chip: S3cc921 cable, AT88 cable, PCB50 …

– When reading data from toner chip we’ll see Crum .

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