How to find Crum Samsung CLP,ML Series

Crum is the serial number of toner chip, it is contained in the IC chip. Normally Crum has 11 digits.
There are three methods to check Crum

Method 1: Printing Supplier Reports

Step 1. Turn printer on and waiting it is ready for work.

Step 2: “Supplier Report” can be printed using program “Smart Panel”, which is supplied with printer’s drivers. For more info about this application please look at “”.

Step 3: Press and hold button “Stop/Print Screen” (on printer) in 25s – 30s (green blinking >6 times) and then immediately release button “Stop/Print Screen”.

Step 4. If you do it correctly, the printer will automatically print out a configuration file and Crum stored in config file.

Method 2: Web Access

– This method is only used for network printer(Wifi, Network…)
– Login Web Access printer by IP Address with user/pass: admin/sec00000, see tab “Supplies” to find Crum.
– How to find Crum with video instruction:

– Download program to find IP Address Samsung CLP, ML Series: Cain & Abel

Step 1. Turn printer on and waiting it is ready for work.

Step 2: Connect printer to network by RJ45 port or Wifi.

Step 3: Open browser(IE, firefox, chrome…) and type IP Adress of printer and find out Supplies tab, you will see Crum of printer.

– This method is described in the below picture :

Method 3: Reading Crum From Toner Chip

– This method is often used when the printer can not print the supplier report file. Therefore we need to use the device to read data from toner chip.

– Some devices read data from printer’s toner chip: S3cc921 cable, AT88 cable, PCB50 …

– When reading data from toner chip we’ll see Crum .


  1. Hiddeous says:

    Hi there,

    I would like to see my crum number. I managed to get a supplies report, hoiwever there are four crum numbers
    For each color one…..

    Could you please tell me, which crum number is the right one?

    Kind regards

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