About firmware update Samsung, Xerox, Dell printers/copiers

What is firmware Fix (Reset Fix)?


In a wide meaning the word “firmware” represents the software which runs any device (a player, phone or printer etc.). When speaking about office equipment, the firmware is a micro program built in (or “sewn in”) a hardware device. This program is found in any printing device and it coordinates the work of the components in the particular device, so that it works smoothly.
What does a firmware version mean, how to find out what version of firmware do I need?
Firmware version – is the the version of the operating system of your printer. The most important thing in finding out your devices version are the last two numbers of the version. It is they, what you need to concentrate on when you choose the firmware reprogramming file for your device. All of our firmware is named, by adding those last two numbers and the letter „ f ” in the end, which stands for a modified firmware (non-original). For example, if you have a firmware version “V1.20.00.30″, then you need to buy the version ” 30f “, which is suitable for your printer. To make sure that your machine will definitely work with the firmware which you can buy from us, you have to have a firmware version that is smaller or equal to the on you are going to download. Meaning that you should download a version that is larger or equal to the one you already have.

How to find out the version of my printers firmware?

To find out the firmware version of your device you need to print a sheet with the topic ( Configuration report, System data list ). If your device is a regular printer, you can do this by holding the button “Stop/reset” for a few seconds ( the time needed to hold the button depends on your printer model; on some it should be held for longer than 10 seconds ). For all colour printers the configuration sheet can be printed from “Smart panel”, which is being installed together with the printer drivers. . In order to do this on a Multi functional printer (MFP) you need to open the menu desk on your printer and find the option for printing the system data. It may happen that this operation cannot be done and the device does not allow the system to print a sheet because a new cartridge is missing. In this case please contact us by e-mail, and we will guide you step by step on how to get your printer to print the needed system data sheet. When you have managed to print the system data sheet, read carefully the information on it – there should be named the “version” of the firmware (OS version). For more information on how to print the report sheet, see here

What does a multiple device (MD) and a single device (SD) firmware reprogramming mean?

A multiple device firmware reprogramming is a reprogramming with which you can reprogram printers with the same model and has the appropriate version. A single device reprogramming differs from it because with this you can reprogram only one device. All reprogram files which you can download from our site are suited for reprogramming multiple devices, the single device reprogramming files are not for free. Single device reprogrammming files are never for free, because the original manufacturers sell them for money. Therefore we also cannot distribute them for free.

Firmware reprogramming with protection against update (PAU)

We all know, many users have begun to use non-original firmware, therefore the company “Samsung” decided to update their devices’ firmware through internet (by offering customers free updates due to safety reasons and quality improvement) with even newer firmware programs, thereby replacing the changed firmware with which users have reprogrammed their devices. If a user by mistake has allowed an automatic update, then afterwards it was impossible to print with refilled cartridges and the firmware reprogramming had to be repeatedly done. Considering this, manufacturers of firmware reprogramming began to offer files, which are protected against any updates from “Samsung”. Meaning, that if you have reprogrammed your devices’ firmware with such a program, the danger of having any problems with automatic update downloads disappears.