How does Firmware work?

In this section we explain step by step and show you how to select your firmware, how to order it and make the payment, and how to reprogram your device with the bought firmware file.

How works How does it work?

How to order the firmware?

1. Choose from a list of printer models, which require a firmware reprogramming.

2. Find the appropriate firmware version of your device. More information on how to determine the version of your device – see here.

3. Fill in the information, which is needed to generate the firmware file:

– Serial number ( you can find out by printing the report sheet, taking a look at the back of your printer or by using this program )
– Crum number of the cartridge ( especially for new printer models, info here )

– Contact e-mail ( to get firmware )

4. Press the button to make an order.

How to pay for the firmware reprogramming file?

After you have clicked the button to order, you can choose from three options for how to pay for the firmware.

1. a mandatory condition is the existence of an account in this service
If you choose to pay for the service via “PayPal”, then after pressing an appropriate button you will be transferred to the page of the payment system “PayPal”, where, after filling out the details and entering your profile you will need to approve the payment by clicking “send money”.

2. a mandatory condition is the existence of an account in this service

If you choose to pay for the service via “WebMoney”, a window will open where you will have to select the payment method. If yr with which you work has an installed version of “WebMoney”, then you should select it by moving to the appropriate section in the window. If the ordering is done on a computer which has no installed “WebMoney”, then you can choose the service “E-num”, which will identify you by your mailing address. As next, you need to choose a purse, from which you want to make the payment, ask for a confirmation code in the form of an “SMS” to your mobile phone and confirm the payment.

Once the payment is made, you will receive an automatically sent letter to you e-mail address from us – “” (1 to 3 minutes). It will contain a link – by clicking on it you will download an archive file which will have your ordered firmware file.

3. If you are not registered in either of the two payment systems,

then in order to receive the firmware files, you should send the payment by using a third party (financial terminals, cash registers, intermediary companies or individuals that have the ability to transfer funds to accounts of “WebMoney” or “PayPal”) , the payment details are specified below.

If the payment has been made without providing us with additional information about the needed firmware version, then afterwards please be sure to let us know for which order was the payment, when was it made, in what currency and how much did you transfer.

After the receipt of the payment, we will send you an e-mail to the provided e-mail address with a link, through which you will be able to download the firmware reprogramming file.

How to reprogram the device?

1. From the received link you should download the archived file and unzip it.

2. Read carefully the rules from our site which must be followed, when you are reprogramming your device by selecting the printer model which you would like to reprogram.

3. Run the file “download.bat” (or drag and drop *.hd file to *.exe file).

4. After that, please a moment – the printer will restart.

The reprogramming is done – feel free to print as much as you like!